Crisis Communications App


The YUDU Crisis Communications App aims to improve corporate resilience by delivering visibility on staff safety and limiting the duration and impact caused by a serious incident.

Designed to complement business continuity plans, the App guarantees an open and independent communication channel between the incident management team and employees, for the delivery of vital messages and precise instructions when all other communication channels are inoperable.


Emergency Comms App Scenario Compressed


  • Upload and update critical documents and procedures into the App’s Publishing Centre.
  • Upload and update employee list and direct contact details in the App’s Employee Address Book (this can be done via API or CSV).
  • Ensure employees have downloaded the App (BYOD).
  • Ensure employees have confirmed they’ve read and understood the compulsory critical documents.
  • Generate reports for incident analysis and management reporting.

Easily implemented and maintained, YUDU Crisis Communication Apps give employers peace of mind - that in the event of a serious incident, management can get key messages to staff instantly, prompting employees to report their wellbeing and allowing them offline access to critical procedures accordingly. 



• Independent communication channel to employee mobile devices, allowing them to deliver vital messages and precise instructions instantly.  

• Responsive web portal that can be accessed from laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. 

• Instant messaging feature that sends mass notifications via text and email.



• Provide an on-device library of all critical instructions and procedures, accessible without the need for an internet or phone connection.

• One central repository of all employee’s personal contact information, allowing senior management the ability to contact anyone believed to be at risk directly, without delay.

• Live 24/7 publishing and updating of critical documents and procedures into the app, with permission controls to determine which documents employees can access. 

See how YUDU can implement the Emergency Communication App with this short presentation.


• Prompt staff to check-in their status at the click of a button and alert management if they are in danger. All individual data is displayed on a clear and live dashboard, instantly highlighting any areas of concern.

• Critical documents and procedures can be selected to download automatically when the app is installed.

• Offline access in an emergency when all other communication channels are inoperable. 


• Security-rich Physical Infrastructure, Configuration, Architecture, Business Processes, and Operations.

• Based on core security practices, ISO 27001-27002, provide control structures for Physical Security, Emergency Planning, Investigations, Information Protection, Education and Risk Analysis.

• No single point of failure with fully redundant, in-sync filestores (for all uploaded/processed files), in addition to backups created nightly. 

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• Reports can be generated for event analysis and management reporting.

• Ability to add and remove users easily.

• Interactive questions can be included at the end of each document to prompt staff to confirm they have read and understood instructions - responses are displayed in the management dashboard. 



• YUDU support two delivery methods via app and browser to iOS, Android, Windows and Desktops.

• Dedicated Account Management, to help you stay up to date with new features, solutions and developments.  New releases happen each quarter, to keep you ahead of the game. 

• Technical support via Phone, Live Chat, e-mail and dedicated help site with video tutorials and guides.  Live webinars and in-house training also available upon request. 

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