SmartCat is a set of features designed specifically to help catalog publishers turn their catalogs into something truly interactive and exciting


SmartCat is the term we use to describe a set of features for catalog publishers that can turn their existing PDF catalogs into highly interactive, revenue-generating channels in their own right. Primarily it refers to:

  • Automatic SKU hyperlinking: Allowing catalog publishers, through a csv file containing SKU numbers and associated URLs, to automatically link up every product SKU within the catalog with the associated page of that product on their e-commerce site, more effectively facilitating the movement of the customer from a product they're interested in within the catalog to a portal they can order it from.
  • In-catalog shopping cart: The in-catalog shopping cart allows the customer to place orders directly from the interactive catalog itself, as opposed to being transferred to your e-commerce website to make the purchase. This is particularly popular with B2B trade catalog publishers. Note that this particular feature is exclusive to our PageTiler platform.
  • Product overlays: Product overlays allow you to display more information about a product through a tooltip-like pop-up that the customer can trigger through a button or mouse-over. Product descriptions, stock information and similar information can be displayed through these pop-ups, giving you extra real-estate to use to describe your products, give information about whether or not particular products are in stock and more. 
  • Enhanced interactivity: Using our HTML5 interactivity module, you can, if you possess the relevant development expertise, create elaborate interactivity functionality, to offer customers a more in-depth look at your products. This can range from color-swatches to 360 degree views. If you do not possess this knowledge, our creative services team has extensive experience creating such assets.