Creative services

From graphic design to web development, our creative services team can help you engage your audiences with beautiful content.


In 2013, after helping a number of YUDU clients implement design ideas into their apps, we set up the YUDU creative team. With a combination of high-end design, technical and project management skills, the team are well placed to help you develop the visual elements of your digital project.

Below are some of the services we can offer, illustrated by some of our past work with clients. If you have other requirements, please do get in touch, and one of our project managers will be happy to run through other options.

Web Development

The YUDU creative services team were commissioned by Farrer & Co. to develop a bespoke Business Continuity App after the fallout of a fire that had interrupted their operations at their office premises in Holborn, London.

The end result was a comprehensive mass notification and emergency communication app that allowed Farrars management to account for their staff in the event of incidents, including:

- An offline employee directory that enables partners in the firm to easily communicate with their colleagues on a day to day basis, or in the case of an emergency.

- A message board and messaging facility which enables administrators to communicate critical information to employees via the app.

- Restricted access controls, which means certain information is hidden from certain employees.

- A roll call function, which enables employees to submit their status in the case of an emergency to a back-end interface that is managed by an incident manager.

UX Design Yudu

The YUDU creative services team took HFE from a concept to a fully fledged app within three months that includes feeds, interactive tests and documents. YUDU came up with a simple UX to house all the sections of the app, which works seamlessly across phone and tablet. 

2D Animation

YUDU’s creative services team were commissioned by Time Inc to develop a subtle front cover animation for their AT&T spring guide. 

Graphic Design

Intenza Fitness asked YUDU’s graphic design team to design their interactive digital catalogue.