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App-based crisis comms platform built for organisations with less than 5000 employees

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Sentinel was developed from consultancy with businesses who had been victims of major crises. World-leading security and business continuity consultants have helped shaped Sentinel so that a crisis can be managed from any location on any device - making cascading call lists redundant.

Features & Functionality


World-class document management

A document management module that allows administrators to distribute online and offline documentation is at the heart of Sentinel's offering to clients.

Gate documents so only specific departments or levels of seniority can access them, alongside ensuring critical documents can be read on smartphone with PhoneView.


SMS, e-Mail, in-app & voice messaging

Sentinel's two-way communication channel allows you to query staff in the event of a crisis, as well as keeping them informed about unfolding events through an official channel. Multiple messaging channels (SMS, e-mail, in-app and voice) ensure that whatever happens, there's always a redundancy to lean back on.


Employee directory

A directory seated within the app allows users to call up a complete list of all employees, along with their relevant details, including contact details, meaning that even with a dispersed workforce, relevant people are reachable.

Comms -channel

An independent comms channel

Sentinel is a an independent communications and document management system that will operate even if all your servers and communication channels have been taken offline.


Business resilience, on any device

Business co­ntinuity & disaster recovery plans are meticulously written to ensure resilience. Sentinel allows you to have these instantly to hand on a mobile device during a crisis, ensuring that normal business practice can continue seamlessly.


Meeting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements

Ensuring there are robust processes in place for rapidly finding out if staff are safe and accounted for in a serious incident is a duty of care that any organisation has towards its employees.

Sentinel can help you fulfill your CSR requirements.

What makes Sentinel unique?

Unlike other crisis communications platforms, Sentinel was designed as a mobile-first application; harnessing the latest SMS, voice, in-app and e-mail technologies. These form an integrated system with YUDU's world-class leading document management system that can render documents in the format that best suits the device: smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Exclusive free trial offer or request more information

We are presently offering free trials to a limited number of organisations for a one-month period, on a first come, first serve basis. If you'd like a month-long trial of Sentinel, sign-up below for an offer of a free trial.

Alternatively, you can request more information and a specialist Sentinel consultant will be in touch as soon as possible.

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